Hi - I do a few open mic nights, and those that go well are when I can hear myself sing and when that happens i'm obviously confident and perform wel .....


every now and then, I cant hear myself sing - and this tends to be a disaster.

Do I get really close to the mike so I can hear myself - do I try and sing louder (my voice is pretty strong anyway.

I'm really improving as a guitarist and hoping to increase the number of open-mics that I do, so will be heading out a lot more often, and obvoiusly i'd like to get it right a lot more often.

Help required, thanks in advance.
It's probably more of an issue of the sound system not having a monitor of sorts. If you can position yourself/a speaker in a better way that some sound is directed towards you I'd say do that, but since it's just an open mic I doubt there's all that much you can do.
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It's probably more of an issue of the sound system not having a monitor of sorts.

Ditto. If they don't have a monitor of sorts, it's going to be hard to hear how you truly sound. Best thing to do would be to take a friend and ask him how it sounds just before you play. If it sounds good to the audience, but you can't hear yourself, just try your best to carry on through it.

Without monitors, there isn't much you can do.
Easiest (and best) fix would be getting earplugs. You know when you stick your finger in your ear, and you hear yourself better? Well it's the same thing. If it's just you and your guitar, I would suggest using one earplug, and leaving your other ear open. I do this every time I play, both live and at rehearsals.

Just try it.