Im searching for an online vocalist that is able to record his vocals in high quality
for my tracks and to form some kind of "online Band"

Here are some of my Songs (New ones which are way better are coming ) :


Just leave your address and I will contact you ( Facebook , Skype , Steam )
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I might be interested, but I'm at work now and I can't access Soundcloud at the moment, because our IT department screwed up the server...

I have close to $20k invested in my recording equipment, so I can definitely do high quality. Let me take a listen when I can and see if it's within my range
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Sounds great but don´t expect to much im not the best composer but im trying my best to improve

Btw. if youre singing I can arrange also more melodic songs since most of them are more "death-metal-ish "
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Well I wanted to focus on death metal but I will probably do something rock related somewhen . Do you have a microphone to record in decent quality ?
i can do gutturals, and growls and roars, i cant do highs and screeches very well though, i can make my vocals sound like septic flesh, devourment, fleshgods, vader, behemoth (very difficult), cattle decap (kind of), decapitated and cannibal corpse. my main influence is randy blythe of lamb of god, if interested contact me @ merrick thacker on facebook, my profile picture is of me with my girlfriend throwing up the horns
Sounds cool im actually working on new stuff do you have some kind of social media like facebook/steam/skype ?