Hi guys !
I together with friends and new drummer (that we have recently found) want to start a band, but we all listen to different gegres of music, and I don't know how are we going to write our songs. I listen to thrash metal, some metalcore and hardcore and heavy metal. My first friend listens to old punk music and alternative rock. My second friend listens to grunge. And finally the drummer listens to nearly all metal subgengres. My 1st friend and me tried to write song and we brought different ideas to make a our song. But it sounded inconsistent, because some parts sounded like punk and some like metal and it didnt really worked out. I would like to write songs on my own, but he also wants to write, so i cannot make whole song. I dont know how to really mix the styles we want to, so it will sound good and everybody will be happy about it. Do you have some advices ?
(sorry for the english, my english might not be so good to explain this)
The best thing to do in a group that is spread in their taste is to sit and write together as a group. Of course people are going to write material and such at home, but then you bring that to the practice session with the group and say "Hey i got this idea, how can we get this to work in our group?" and from there on you either add the other instruments if they like the riff, or you work on the riff together to find something you all like with it.

Also, the most solid advice i can give is: don´t think in genres when writing for a band. You shouldn´t feel like "i wanna write thrash " or " i want to write punk ". Write material and see where the band goes naturally, without restricting yourself to a style from the get go. Especially if everyone in the band is into different things.
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The best thing you can really do is to just play together and not worry about what genres your songs fit into. Learn to compromise effectively with your mates. If someone comes in and feels really strongly about something they've written, let them take the reigns with it and follow their artistic discretion's. Offer them criticisms if you really feel that it would add positively to the direction the song is going in, dont try to deride their energy just because you prefer a different sound.

Just take it one song at a time, dont try to stuff too much stuff into one song. You have to know what works and what wont fit in. Overall, just write songs you enjoy. As sick said, dont think in genres, let the raw material and emotions come out before you start criticizing and editing the song.
Masterpieces (and for that matter just plain, decent tunes) dont fall out of the sky. It takes time and an open mind/ear.

Dont be afraid to say that something doesnt work in a certain piece, or to accept rejection yourself. The overall outcome is more important than any one person in the bands feelings. It's a group effort.

But once again, if everybody in your band has strong feelings about which direction something should go in, you have to learn to compromise together until you can just understand each other and get into a groove without hashing things out.

In the words of the great Zappa, 'shut up and play yer guitar." If you guys just keeping jamming, something good will happen. Think of it as blending food, starts off all as chunks of different types of food, but pretty soon it meshes together and all the respective flavors or your bands mates will cohere into something you've all contributed to in your own ways. Or something like that.

Cheers man