Alright I can't sing for sh*t, but I want to sing hardcore punk BADLY. I'm thinking of forming a band or just creating it all single-handedly considering I won't find anyone else who agrees with the topics of the songs. I heard that its really only screaming (which I haven't tried yet) but if anyone has any was to improve the sound of my voice in this instance, please do drop a comment. Also im a teenager so dont post "a bunch of cigarettes and booze". PS im going for a Crass style with this band if that helps, not modern punk.
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really nothing to know. just try it, try a few ways, see what works. when you wanna ask "how do i do (thing)?" ask yourself "am i just asking how to do it to put off actually doing it?" besides, everybody cool does shit wrong.

you should be looking for a band, you can probably find people - or convert people (befriend weird gross nerds nobody likes; clay to be molded into punx) - and that'll make it cooler. don't let that stop you from working on it yourself though.

by the way i like your username; i like pumpernickel bread, and h, and it reminds me of a guy named tortilla.
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My first thought is that if you're going for a Crass-style, then for the most part, no, it's not screaming. Few of their vocals are screamed. Quite a few of them are more like rap, where Ignorant uses his voice as another percussive instrument.

For improving the sounds of your voice - stay hydrated while singing, breath properly (you can find tons of stuff on the net about proper breathing for vocalists), and practice.

But honestly, you're just going to have to go do it. That way you can figure out if you want to screamsing (I tried, hurt like hell), do you want to eat the mic or have it away from your mouth, and other things that you can only figure out by actually doing it.

If you can find a band, cool. I've been in some and they were a blast, but right now, I'm doing one-man punk/Oi! and enjoying the hell out of it. So go do what your artistic need says you have to do and good luck!
With hardcore, there's not a lot technique required. A lot of it's just yelling at the top of your lungs. If you look up old live videos of Black Flag, Henry was practically losing his voice as he was singing. The main thing to remember is to control your breath, otherwise, you'll dry out your vocal cords. I'd also recommend looking up Melissa Cross's Zen of Screaming DVDs. She mainly teaches metal singing, but her techniques are applicable to hardcore.
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1. Yell.
2. Repeat.

You can now sing for a hardcore band.

not really, but yeah almost. listen to punk vocalists, try to emulate the tone they have. once youve got that down, discover your own style.
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not really, but yeah almost. listen to punk vocalists, try to emulate the tone they have. once youve got that down, discover your own style.

I was obviously joking...
Yo, I sing in punk and have done hardcore before.

The big thing to do is really use your diaphragm a lot. Your not change won't happen with your throat or nose voice that you want, so you'll want to work on being able to really push that air out. It might sound silly, but listen to a bunch of Bruce Springsteen and try to sing like a pissed off version of him, and you'll have a lot of the new Colorado scene punk.