I am looking for some scales to create a evil rather haunting sounds, can you guys please send me some examples of what to try out or have a look at Any feedback appreciated, I am looking to expand on what I already know and therefore all the asnwers are welcome. In case you decide to help me please provide tabs as I prefer those to notes

Rather than just saying "see my sig"... I'll point you in the direction of the blues scale. It contains that classic tritone made famous by Sabbath.


Apart from that, its really about getting a distorted sound out of an electric guitar and playing around with power chords.

Now. Sorry. Ignore me really. But see my sig. Sorry again.
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
You can get some pretty haunting sounds out of the good old natural minor scale.
Well some minor scales and some variants of it, like the phrygian mode: essentialy the minor scale but with a minor second

R - 2m - 3m - 4P - 5P - 6m - 7m - 8P

the harmonic minor scale, wich contains a mayor 7th instead of minor

R - 2M - 3m - 4P - 5P - 6m - 7M - 8P
A B C D E F G# A

and the melodic minor scale, wich haves a mayor 6th and 7th when ascending but minor when descending

R - 2M - 3m - 4P - 5P - 6M - 7M - 8P Ascending
A B C D E F# G# A

R - 2M - 3m - 4P - 5P - 6M - 7M - 8P Descending
A B C D E ♮F ♮G A

hope it helps c:
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
The Chromatic scale. Don't repeat the starting note until all the other notes are played.
just start at a root note of choice, and slowly pick the notes YOU think fit YOUR criteria out of the 12 notes.
The timbre and envelope characteristics of the notes being played have more impact than the actual notes being played.

Throw in a b3 to be safe tho
I wouldn't say any scale sounds "haunting" and I would say you could make any scale sound "haunting". It's not that much about the scale you use. It's more about how you use it. I would say it's easier to do with minor sounding scales. Play dissonant notes. But it's not always about dissonance either.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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^ Yeah.

Also I'd have said (from his first post), "evil" isn't quite the same as "haunting"- something can be hauntingly beautiful, for example, which is totally different (apparently mids can be too but I'm calling BS on that one ). Even a "haunting" melody to me is totally different from "evil"- "haunting" doesn't necessarily mean "supernatural", in fact in relation to music I'd say more often than not it doesn't.

Granted he probably means "haunting" like "ghosts" or whatever so that might be pretty similar. Sorry if that was too pedantic.
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