I have a Yamaha APX500 (acoustic guitar) and would like to try some warmer strings. I'm currently using Elixir PB's and the sound is pretty bright and not suited to some of the stuff I play. Any suggestions?

(also, coated strings only please. my fingers can't take uncoated strings). thanks in advance!

edit: in case it's relevant, i usually strum without a pick. i play mostly indie, emo, and punk.
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If you're using the PB nanowebs, then switch to the Polywebs. Strum at the base of the neck, it will give you a rounder, fuller sound thats less punchy than if you strum further down.

Id strongly reccomend getting used to uncoated strings though, that would greatly widen your options, and theres no reason not to barring some sort of medical condition. I'd reccomend d'addario gypsy jazz or silk&steels. Honestly I dont really get how you can strum without a pick, yet can't handle uncoated strings...
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if you can't play uncoated strings, you'll miss out on the warmer, easy on the fingers martin silk and steels, which are likely to improve the tone of your all-lam shallow body yamaha.
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You might try a heavier, more rounded pick as well. The "jazz" type picks produce a tone that's less "sharp" than the typical sharply-pointed ones.