Hi guys and girls.
I have offer for everybody who has english as 1st language. What is it all about?
I make a living as a guitar teacher in a small country in middle of europe (Czech Republic), but the problem is, that the market is really small and prices are really low (8$ for a hour is considered a lot here). Becouse of this, iam barely able to pay rent. Obvious solution for this is to start offering my services on bigger market. English speaking countries seems like a good place to expand.
But there is one problem (as always). Iam not used to speek in english. I learned it for almost 18 years in school, iam used to read and write in it (thanks to the internet) but my pronunciation is kind of a weak. So, before it would be fair to charge any money for my services, I need to get used to talking.
So, if there is anybody who wants to improve his technique, learn about muscal theory or whatever, feel free to contact me and I will teach you over skype in exchange for some english conversation.

Whats in it for you?
Except the language, I believe I'am pretty decent teacher. I do it a few years, and sofar nobody was disapointed. In other words, you can learn something.
You are doing a good thing. Helping fellow man to make living by music is allways a goot thing to do .
Its free (of course, in case you would be really satisfied with a lesson can make some voluntary donation, but I do not expect anything from you).

If you are intrested, send me an email ( kucernak.jan@seznam.cz ) or PM.

I guess it would be good to say something about my teaching.
When I was begginer, I have had a few lesonss with basically every guitar teacher i found in a range of 50km from my home. Nowdays other local teachers are coming to me for lessons. In other words, I know well what other teachers teach and I try to focus on thinks that are mainly overlooked. I was hungry for informations, so I basically read any guitar handbook I come around and never miss an oportunity to learn something. After all this, I have to say, some informations are really hard to find.

I believe there are four main aspect of music you can work on (So no hearth or talent involved. How should i teach that?). That is technique, musical teory, hearing ability and rhytm. About the last 2, there is not really a lot of explanation needed. I can direct you on the right way, but you have to do all the work. With technique and theory, it is a kind of different.
When I was begginer and wantet to learn these aspect, biggest problem I had was the lack of information. I wanted to practice technique but I have no idea what way I sohould do it. So I just played scales up and down for 6 hours a day, and have not improved a bit. I had no idea about muscle memory, proces of learning, efficient of movement, and necessity to play reaxed with absolotly no additional tension. These things are critical and can be learned. But only if you know how to do it. Surprisingly, almost none of guitar teachers I met teach it. They mostly just give you bunch of scales (even google can do it) and say “you should practice more if you want to improve (everybody knows this). So, in the beggining with a new student, I usually spend a lot of time just by correcting these basic aspects of playing.
About musical theory, its kind of a similar. Everybody tells you what is this scale called, what is this interval etc. But only a few teach about harmony. And without harmony, most of that informations are useless.