So, anybody else use this tablature editor to help them? My tutor put me onto it and its kinda cool for begginers like me (despite it sounding like a nokia 6210).

Any pointers on any different ones to use?

Help / advice is always welcome.

Thanks for your time.
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It's free and can use GP files. You don't need another one.

pretty much this. I use it often
GP also sounds like a nokia, so stick with the one you have.
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it can also run tabledit files

only bluegrass and country musicians use tabledit though
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I used it for a long time. Then i changed my computer and i couldn't be arsed to install it again, since its not that straightforward, and the version at that time couldnt play the newest GP files, so i got Guitar Pro that i magicaly got for free from friends.
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I like tuxguitar. Wish the instruments sounded better, but I deal with it. Pretty nice to work with once I got it figured out.

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Here's a song I'm working on where I'm using tuxguitar to arrange it. So far, so good I guess.
I write in TG, and have probably thousands of TG files on my computer by now. When I can actually be bothered to make music though I export the .midi's into a DAW and do further fiddling.