Hey all,

I am incredibly new here (10 minutes ago) as a user, but have browsed as a guest for sometime.
I play an 8-string (The LTD Stephen Carpenter Signature) but I write Black Metal on it, and don't worry - you can hear all the instruments. Novel, I know.
My band is called 'Wolfrost' and a digital EP is on http://wolfrost.bandcamp.com/releases and there should be a CD release in a month or two.
I played all the instruments on the EP, though guitar is my main one.

Any support is greatly appreciated, and I also want to find some more Black Metal through UG, if anyone makes any (haven't looked that far yet)

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I'm more of a tech than black metal kinda guy, but there's some pretty impressive playing on these tracks! Favourite track I listened to is probably Black Mountain, but I'm yet to get through all of them.

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