I am rather new here, but I haven't seen anything on 8-strings? I saw the 7-string thread, but does anyone here play an 8 regularly? Or as their main?
I got one a couple of months ago and haven't touched another guitar since.
I know they get a bad rep for Djent and the like, but I write Black Metal on mine and was wondering if anyone else had one
The Seven String Legion welcomes all Extended Range Guitars (ERGs)! I used to have one, but I didn't play much on it and never wrote with it so away it went. I get what you mean though, even the 7s get the "LOLZ DJENT BR00TZ" label. Not that I don't like djent, I'm into it for the grooves
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Sevens, eights, nines, tens all good. Agile has all four in prices under a grand, so they're getting purchased as a "let's see what this does" item and finding their way into a lot of hands. If you see something on here that says "Seven String," chances are that it's an old thread that will welcome whatever else you've got.
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