Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the value of a Coverdale Page guitar pick. They were issued by EMI back when the band was around, but I know they weren't mass-produced, and I'm just not sure what they'd be worth. I was offered a trade for an old cello case I have, and the guy was offering me an Epiphone (10 years old, not really the best time for Epi) and the Coverdale Page pick. I can't find any info online; I'm even having trouble finding pictures of the picks! It'd be an interesting item to have, but I wanted to know if anybody has an idea of the value. $20, probably?
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Maybe someone would be willing to buy it for $20, but I can't imagine you'd be able to throw it on eBay and cash out any time you wanted.

The fact that this guy is trying to pad a trade with it seems like an indicator that there's no actual demand for such a thing. Maybe some guy out there needs it to complete his Page-Coverdale shrine or whatever but to most people it would just be a mildly interesting piece of junk.