Hey I'm looking to retune my preamp tubes. I'm wanting to lower the gain and brightness of my Triple X head. I've looked up the tubes I need, I'm just not sure where to put them. I use the Crunch channel for all distorted channels. So in which of the spots should I put the tubes? Tube recommendations are welcome, thanks.
You want lower gain and less bright, get some JJ 5751's

They are the little tubes
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That is pretty spot on Rob.

I'd maybe add just another twist of recommendations. I honestly can't see needing an XXX to be brighter but Tung Sols are pretty bright. I'd get one of these, a JJ 5751 and maybe a GT 12AT7. I've had a lot of luck with GT preamp tubes lately. Kind of in between a JJ and a Tung Sol in brightness.

In other words, get a mix of tubes and mess around. A Tung Sol in the V1 input would def brighten things up. A Jan Phillips 5751 is good too but they are getting pricy. V4 should be your phase inverter if this is a 4 preamp tube amp in which case the 5751's work great there too. V2 and V3 should be your gain stages.

PS: Never owned or retubed a XXX.
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XXX's are very bright amps by design, don't expect to bring it down considerably with a tube swap . What speaker(s) are you running with this amp? A speaker swap would be a lot more effective at taming the brightness.

As far as lowering the gain (and brightness to an extent), Rob's suggestion of JJ 5751's is an excellent one. At the very least, stick a 5751 in V1... an older JAN 5751 would be the way to go, but they're a little more expensive than current production tubes.
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