Hey fellas, I recently stumbled upon Rondo music, and decided to browse through the guitars and found this good looking gem:


I think it looks GREAT! But, looks don't mean much if it plays/ sounds like shit. I haven't heard much about these... Not good, not bad... Haven't really heard much at all.

Anyone know anything?
i own two agiles and have played one douglas pay the extra cash an get agile vastly superior for not that much more money. the douglas just didnt feel right. sound was decent for price, but it felt like it need something more
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Thanks for the in-sight, fellas. I'll think a little more before purchasing.
Douglas and SX are brands that are not exclusive to Rondo (Agile is, however), and that can be purchased elsewhere. My very limited experience with Douglas is that you should be prepared to have some setup work done. OTOH, that would be the exact same advise I would give if you were buying a $4K Gibson. Kurt has been very good about returns and replacements where the odd issue arose.

OTOH, this *is* a bargain guitar -- you're not going to find neck-through guitars for $169 anywhere, and I'd be very inclined to give this one a go if I were hunting in this price range.