Hello all. I'm loving the Triple Rec I picked up, but I seem to be having some trouble using the FX loop as a solo/second master volume channel. even the manuals says that :

When this LED is illuminated the Loop Active Master replaces the Channel Masters to become the overall Master Volume Control. At this time the Channel Masters become channel balancing controls and Effects Loop Send Level Controls. This LOOP ACTIVE MASTER

However, when I have the rotary knob for the FX loop on FootSwitch, all three knobs, fx send, loop active master, and MAster volume affect the overall. In fact, I can only get any sort of volume difference when I set the mix to 100%, and even that isn't soo crazy ( it also means that it is LOUDER when the FX loop on LED is NOT ON. I thought that when I turned it on, the Loop Active Master becomes and overall master volume, so there would be two? master volumes? where one (loop active master) would only be in use when the led is on? I was hoping to use this as a solo boost and such.

Any one who can help would be awesome, and I'll take suggestions for where to set all the knobs to achieve this end goal.

Thanks guys
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