Hey guys. Have a Guild acoustic that I would like to keep at 50% humidity. The readings on the hydrometer in the case were showing 60% humidity without any attempt to lower it.

I had to put ten 10 gram packets of silica gel dissicant in the case to get it to 50%. Problem is I have a few by the head stock.. some in a crevice by the body and 5 in the accessory compartment. The hydrometer reads 60% when placed in with body or neck area of the case, and reads 50% in the accessory compartment.

Everything I read indicated the packs could be kept in the accessory compartment, and yet still reduce humidity in the case.. This doesn't seem to be true. Any thoughts on what do to here ? I didn't want to have all 10 packs laying around in the case area.

Thanks in advance...
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