Rock Band and Guitar Hero were some of my favorite games to play, because they were unholy amounts of fun. The setlists were great, the instruments were fun, and it was the perfect party game.

But why did it fail? Over saturation? Not enough creative ideas? The setlists weren't good enough? I don't know. I just feel like these games exploded so quickly and was snuffed out at an astounding rate. I just wanted to know what everyone else thought.

Also, another question; could it ever come back? Instruments are dirt cheap right now, as are the games.
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They were a temporary flavour of the month. Maybe now they have gone away, people can start playing real instruments again.
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I guess too many music games and people just got bored of them. Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock was so awesome I loved that game. What a great set list for a music game. Guitar Hero Metallica was pretty fun too.

Have you played Rocksmith? I don't like it that much but it is nice to plug a real guitar in and actually play. If the technology is used right... I could see a next gen music game coming out that uses real guitars and I have already seen guys using their Alesis DM 6 drum kits for those games. It could become an expensive hobby though.
They ran the idea into the ground in a few short years they made over 10 games people got annoyed it was interesting for a second but it was bound to die out with time
Why did it die?

Guitar Hero: I, II, III, World Tour, V, Warriors of Rock, Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, Encore: Rocks the 80s, Smash Hits, Band Hero, On Tour

Rock Band: I, II, III, Unplugged, The Beatles, Mobile, Rock band for iOS, Reloaded, Lego Rock Band, Green Day

All of these games were released between 2005 and 2010. That's 13 Guitar Hero games and 10 Rock Band games within the span of 5 years.
The reason they died supposedly said from the developers themselves was due to over saturation. Not over saturation from their part but from other developers. You had these rip off titles that were cheaper like dj hero. Very quickly people got tired of it. Not only that but the change in musical style. Most people turned to hip hop and pop and not metal and classic rock.

Thankfully guitar hero and rock band returned a couple years ago and still release DLC content. The only problem was of course sales and low amount of staff for development. Hell it took i think over a year to get online on rock band. Also the makers for the "instruments", Mad Catz, filed for bankruptcy a couple of months ago due to lower than needed sales. Sad to see a great franchise that made a childhood quickly die out and become forgotten.