Hi as the title says I need to find a wiring diagram for 2 Humbuckers, 1 Tone and 1 volume and a 3 way toggle switch. I found one on a website but its not entirely clear where I wire the grounds to. Some people say to wire it to the bridge, but I'm putting a tuneomatic bridge in so its a bit impractical. What I've done to get the electronics is buy them for a LP guitar already wired with the plan to resolder them to hkw I said above. On there they'd wired all grounds to the back of the switch. To make it confusing for the 2 humbuckers they only have 2 wires coming out of each so I can only assume at one end theyve been wired together.
Any help would be appreciated

Ignore the white/red wires that are on the diagram if you only have 2 conductors. The seymour duncan colour code is green is ground and black is hot, depending on what make your humbuckers are they will be different.

You do need a ground wire to the bridge, but you don't wire all the grounds back to there.
Thanks I have 2 questions : firstly what does it mean on that picture by the "bare wire" as I only have 2 wires and secondly I'm installing a tuneomatic bridge so which section do I wire it too( the section nearest the pickups or the bit that holds the strings?