Damn... I dont even know why im writing this, possibly because im intoxicated and will regret/ be embarrassed to read this tomorrow morning but oh well, here goes.

I cannot commit myself to write a song. I record, record...record...stop... and record, idea after idea... These are good ideas that move me and express what i want to express... I lay down the guitars., electric mainly, followed by acoustic/bass, add some acoustic drums... piano track if i feel the inspiration... then thats it....

I get a riff or a phrase I really love... and it just stops... maybe the drums are a little out of sync, so i think to myself.... I'll fix this tomorrow, but I never do... I just keep building upon these fragments of a song knowing i need to rearrange things to make them sound the way they are supposed to yet i just cant seem to take the time and do it.

Maybe its because im so scared of listening to my own music while being sober... since all i write is under the influence of something...

I uploaded a soundcloud part and other people who are into my genre of music say they are amazed by it, it is a good part and that I have talent but I do not see it....I suck ass in my mind, Im useless and cannot work towards a completed project... in my mind I suck... so the only time I listen to myself is when im drinking.... which limits me in so many ways since I only drink after midnight.....

I love the fragments I produce yet I just cant bring myself to listen to myself unless Im drinking.... scared I will sound horrible to myself...

What the hell can I do?

I am defeating myself before I even give a fair fight....

This question is probably ******ed to most... and i dont expect a reply...because theres nothing to reply to... but alas.. I am broken.... without anywhere to turn. I guess i'm just venting......The problem is that only I can solve it... I realize this... yet............. Im so ****ing empty inside I cant seem to do a thing
I think you're better off in the songwriting section asking this kinda stuff.

Or the hugging thread in the pit...
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Write the song before recording. Lyrics/melody/chords should all be done before hitting the 'record' button. Additonal tracks, bass, leads, etc can all be done after, but you need the solid foundation first.
Recording is a simple way to remember ideas, then you can listen back to them the next day (when you are not UTI) and try to sort through them for the gems.
I can remember writing whole songs at 3am after coming home totally blitzed then waking up in the morning and having no memory of what I had written, or reading the scrawled lyrics and realizing they were a POS!
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