Hey, for my Design and Technology project i am planning on building an electric guitar case with built on speakers but i could do with some input from other people. i was planning on making it a hard case with a stand which you could take busking or to gigs but i am not sure on the design.
ideas anyone?
You're going to need an amp in there, too.

I think some of the old danelectros had a case like that, so you could maybe try googling that for some inspiration. good luck
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Okay, here's a suggestion. Take a look at the Bose L1. It's essentially a long skinny speaker cabinet with a column of small speakers.

Now whack that in half, and put half the stick just inside the lid of the guitar case and the other half just inside the bottom of the guitar case. Open the case at a 45 degree angle, set it upright, and blast away. You still need room for an amp, but the components required for solid state amplification are small and lightweight. A guitar's neck leaves lots of room on either side in the case for other stuff, including amplification. If you like, you should still have some room for the preamp components, including a place for the guitar to plug in and another for a mike to plug in.

This is the back panel of a Carvin PM12A, a powered PA type speaker: