im looking for opinions on both please.

im not in a band so its just gonna be for practicing at home.

ive looked at videos for both and they do sound good.

I play mostly rock/80's metal.

thanks guys.
I have both of them, and they're great for practising/easy recording
Only problem I have with my THR is the speakers can't really handle the lower strings with distortion (sounds great clean), but then again I tune an octave below standard. Seeing as you're playing rock and older metal, I don't think that should be a problem.
The great thing about having both the THR and Amplitube is that the THR basically becomes your DI box, but it has speakers in case you don't have monitors.
I may have acquired Amplitube through... certain means that probably aren't legal though, so if that's a problem I'd probably buy the THR unless you already have speakers that can do Amplitube justice. Be warned that the gain on the 10X can get pretty extreme pretty quickly, so you might have to set it quite low.
Amplitube is extremely versatile, and even the free version has great presets, and it seems very oriented to your style of playing.

TL;DR both are great, but depending on what equipment you already have, one will be better than the other.
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thanks for the reply.

well i use headphones as much as i can anyway but i do have a good pair of monitors.

can i plug speakers into the thr10x?

the videos ive seen of the thrx10 do sound really good but im not sure if the speakers used are from the amp or from another source?


im using line 6 podx3 at the moment
The pod x3 will sound better than both amplitube and the THR if ya ask me.

The THR has a mono headphones out, you could use that to plug it into speakers, though I wouldn't get one - the speakers are hella small and they sound hella small.

If ya gotta play with speakers all the time, get a good sounding amp sim.

The softube amp rooms, bx_rockrack, or LePu's stuff - which is also free.
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I haven't tried plugging speakers into it, but unless they were full range it would (according to what I've been told) probably sound pretty bad.
I think most of the videos are recorded directly from the USB
And if you're mainly going to be using headphones and have decent speakers if you want to play out loud I'd go with Amplitube, as with the THR you're paying for the speakers as well.
Also despite the speakers being tiny, Yamaha did some weird technical wizardry to make them seem bigger that actually works. They don't sound like a 412, but they sound bigger than they are.
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The THR10X (as well as the 10C) are flawless imo, they sound great, especially for the size.
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The THR10X (as well as the 10C) are flawless imo, they sound great, especially for the size.

I agree. I bought the 10x because I travel a lot for work and needed something to take with me on the road and I didn't want to be limited to head phones only. I think it sounds awesome considering the small speakers. It sounds much bigger than it should. It also has a great variety of distortion and the clean sounds great too.

I really like the effects too, because a flanger, phaser and tremolo aren't effects that I would buy in pedal form, but now I can play around with them.

I like the portability also. On a nice day, I can take it out in the porch and play.

I also like to run my iPod through it, not only to play along with songs, but also just to listen to music.

It should be easy enough to find one in a store and try out.