Hey, a quick question!

I just got my ESP LTD MH-1000NT which I will use for down tunings. Basically everything from Eb standard to maybe drop B (in some rare occasions). Most time it will be somewhere around drop D. I will have the guitar setup for Drop C (a "guesstimated" compromise). My question is:

What string gauge would you put on this guitar to be able to handle all these different tunings? Drop D will probably be the most played tuning but Drop C will be pretty frequent too. If I tune as low as Drop B I won't expect to have perfect playability or string tension etc but I want it to be playable.

What do you think? Im running 10-46 on my standard E tuned guitar and like that gauge.
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The string gauge is a personal preference, but for those lower tunings I wouldnt go lighter than 11-50. The strings will be floppy if you go lighter. 11-50 is pushing it for C & b. Most folks like light top/ heavy bottom 10-52. I use 12-54 for drop C.
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you should come up with a custom set of strings and buy them individually so that they're super heavy at the low end, but "normal" for your thinner strings, you might be able to get some interesting sounds from this, especially with clean tones. Just experiment.