Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen etc practised so many hours, I wonder when they got time for study, school etc?
I'll tell you what they weren't doing... being bots/multis on them internets!

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No internet. No phone. Barely any TV.

Yeah, so was it really worth it in the end? I mean, they may have become internationally famous and rich, but I've got a ****ing Droid man, Jimi couldn't hang with me.
I was unaware that these people actually reached a level of deity.
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I was watching a documentary on Hendrix the other night and it said he carried a guitar with him everywhere, all the time. Always jammed with every other musician he met, sat in with every band.
You have a lot more free time than you think, and dedicated people just know how to find it. Also many of those people really put other aspects of their life aside in order to become great. For them, practicing was a job.
They didn't, they were born that way!
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They didn't have the internet, so they actually played guitar past the 2nd year instead of shitposting around the Pit.
Well Jimmy Page was actually a studio musician, so, it was his job before he went on to play in The Yardbirds and form Led Zeppelin. John Paul Jones was also a studio musician. That's how they met

I would imagine you get a lot of practice having to come in every day, 5 days a week, and play something you've never laid eyes on from 9-5.

As for Hendrix, he played A LOT. Lots of sit ins, and weeks of gigging in the Chitlin' Circuit. He was also in a number of bands (The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, and Curtis Knight and the Squires) before he was "discovered" by Chas Chandler and taken to London to start his solo career. I think he even played in a band with Randy California at one point.

So yeah, these guys may have reached 'God' status but it was after years of playing professionally and even more years of learning their craft.

Hendrix was 24 when "Are You Experienced?" was released. Jimmy Page was 25 when "Led Zeppelin" was released. Eddie Van Halen was 23 when "Van Halen" was released. Stevie Ray Vaughan was 29 when "Texas Flood" was released.

It's not that difficult to see that these guys actually had A LOT of time to practice and become the players they became.
before the internet, lots of easy access to good tv shows, and video games, there were only so many things you could do with all your free time. for guys like hendrix or page, their lives were guitar, and by extension, music. i don't find it at hard to believe that they had the time to get as good as they got
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