I like the song and the riffs!
Guitars sound a bit thin. Is the centre guitar double tracked - if not do that and it will sound fatter. Perhaps a little scooping around 500hz?
Good song though!

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at first I couldn't hear anything so I had to really turn my speakers up. After listening to the whole thing though, really good song, and it sounds like it was recorded really well going in, but the mix itself isnt good at all. You need to bring everything up more 'cause it sounds like I'm standing outside the room which this was played in. In any case, looking forward to a better version, great job dude.
DAYUM. Such riffs. Much wow.

But seriously, that intro is pretty ****ing killer. If the quality was less muddy there would be nothing stopping me from breaking my neck from headbanging and chugging whiskey at 12:30pm.......

The stop and start section was ok, but I feel like only one slightly longer one would work better instead of 3. But the riff right after is ****ing badass and metal as all hell. Great job on this dude! The outro reminds me of Mastodon, really dissonant and metally. This track stands out to me. Again great job!

C4C please?
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Thanks everyone for the feedback! Everything is low because I don't want to turn it up before I have the vocals in.

I'll see what I can do about the guitar's mix quality. I double tracked most of the rhythm parts, but not the lead, because I didn't want a too wide sound for the lead parts, but I'll try it out and see how it goes.
I just uploaded a new version with a better guitar mix, please check it out, it's a lot better.
Like the song a lot, heres a couple of tips.

High and low pass everything, literally. Remove all unwanted frequencies.

Try multi band compression to compress around 100-300hz on the rhythm guitars, it stops heavy palm mutes getting out of hand.

Reverb for the snare may help.

To help the bass come out a bit try side chaining a compressor from the kick drum, google it if you are unsure how to do it but it will help the bass sit better with the kick. Maybe add a bit of fuzz to the bass, I can't tell if you have though.

It sounds like you haven't scooped enough of the 150-400hz range on the kick as it sounds a bit boxy.

Hope some of this helps, here's one of my mixes if you want to C4C me: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1650196
Gosh - that was massive!

First of all, I want to apologise for not answering you back straight away, but I have been really busy this week.
As far as the song is concerned, it is a f****** killer. The backing track is so lovely that I am at a loss for words. I love the tone of the rhythm guitar (very clean) and the way you have composed (and mastered) you drums. It sounds really 'groovy' and heavy. All the breakdowns fit in the composition perfectly. The whole composition is very impressive.

All in all, I have no reservations to the track whatsoever. Keep up the good work!


It's a sick song, especially the intro and at the 2:10 mark. I would suggest lowering the cymbals slightly, and adding a little more sharpness to the snare (if you can). That should help the rhythm guitar to pop out a little more.

Mind checking out my song A Lumberjack Enraged ? It's a heavy instrumental (which is the kind of stuff I'm writing now). Right now, that's the only song I've uploaded, but there are more to come. Thanks!

I just recorded some vocals for the song and changed the mixing a lot. Please check it out!
The main lead is pretty cool.

The tone is good for most parts of the song. I like the part that starts @1:48 the best maybe. I feel like on the rhythm tone, you might be able to dial back the distortion slightly. You'd be surprised I think it might actually make the tone even heavier sounding. More defined.

Overall I can only really think of minor gripes. I would ditch the hi-hat intro (it's too obviously programmed. The rest of the drums during the guitar are much harder to distinguish as being prgorammed, and so I think that's an advantage.) and just cut right to the shit. That's my opinion though. The vocals are pretty good for death metal. Can't complain much there.

A key change might be cool. Whether it's to the 2nd fret or the 2nd string for a couple bars, maybe. That's also being nitpicky though. Overall it's a solid effort for sure.