just discovered Timehop on the Phone where it allows you to see what you were doing this time last year or two years ago and i would say at the moment that is my favourite app , so i was just wondering what everyone else is favourite is?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Applefag #android>apple enjoy your non customisation faggot overpriced piece of white dung lelelel
simple last.fm or poweramp

actually Astronomy Picture of the Day - grabs nasa apod and makes it your wallpaper every day so I always got some cool new wallpaper every morning.

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I'd like to know this as well. Ever since I bought my first android phone I just couldn't figure out what to do with it. Only use it for talking and texting. What else can you do with a smartphone?
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Applefag #android>apple enjoy your non customisation faggot overpriced piece of white dung lelelel

lol, you're a dumb-dumb.

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Probably 'Sleep As Android' because it's so versatile considering it's only an alarm app, and I use it every day. All the extra functions are cool, too.

Then some of the fitness apps, and Twilight (a screen dimmer, not related to the shitty films).
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My phone is too filled with music to fit any apps, though I do have my banking app and the tumblr app.

Also I used to play an iPhone game a long ass time ago called Sushi Cat, but I don't have it anymore and don't even know if it's still a thing.
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Spotify when they don't muck it up with an update. Besides that redditisfun has never let me down.

For actual games, I only have Plague Inc and 2048. Good stuff right there.
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Um I guess I don't use apps that often.

Chrome, camera, Capital One online banking, etc.
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Soundhound can be pretty useful


snapchat is fun

pitchlab is an extremely accurate and useful tuner app
Whatsapp, Instagram, snapchat, fb, soundcloud, vscocam, instafit, Dropbox, gmail, sg nextbus, google maps

is all I need
Whatsapp, TitaniumBackup, Samba Filesharing, Lastpass.

Those are the most useful ones for me (I use Android)

In terms of "favourite", as in, I like it the most, for now I'd say 365 Scores. Finally can check out on every single game ever when I'm not at home
Weave, Kindle & iBooks, Accounts Tracker, Geocaching.
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My Boy! Gameboy Advance emulator.

Gameboid seems to run games smoother
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Console emulators
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