So I'm currently running Ubuntu Studio on my main pc and it comes with all this open source media software, one of which is called Ardour. I'm wondering if theres any closeted Linux users here that use it or have used it. It looks pretty legit but I've never used Reaper or anything like that and have nothing to compare it to.

Link to the website:
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It works, but it's nothing special.

If you were to work with audio, I wouldn't use linux indeed.
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I love the Ubuntu Studio theme. That's about it. The audio software is not very good. You can't get the compatibility with your interface like you can with Windows/OSX. More latency. Less plugins. Less software/bug support.
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Crazysam I think it was tried to get a linux audio set up going... he spent a while playing with it and then moved back to Windows. Linux is not a good platform for audio.
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There are quite a few users, this is not the forum for it. I dabbled with it and setup a decent old machine to record to Ardour my rehearsal studio mixer feeds, worked great for over a year. I think it was Musix.

Just saw viable as any other os, if you read up you can get much better latency in some instances, depending on the interface.

http://www.tracktion.com/?linux is now running beta in Linux, might get in on it.

Try the Sound on sound forums for Linux advice.
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My personal opinion is that it isn't worth the hassle. Like many open source stuff, improvements and developments are much slower than commercially-driven competitive products, because they are the people being paid to do it whereas, despite all the good intentions, almost all the people developing stuff for Linux (which is an even smaller number, purely working at music software for it) just do it in their spare time when they get a chance.

If you really want to persevere, feel free and good luck to you but it is so much easier to use Mac or Windows, and it is surely a testament to this when you consider the lack of (m)any professionals talking in magazines about using Ubuntu for their latest project or discussing the benefits of it etc.
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