Hi new here to ask a somewhat complex question. My guitar hasn't been used in a while and I ordered new strings.

I have a B.C. Rich Avenge. The guitar strings I ordered were Gibson, humbucker special alloy or something along those lines.

I strung up my guitar and got it in tune, everything sounded fine. I played the intro to enter sandman just to double check the tune on the 6-4 strings.

I began to play on the 3rd-1st, which is when I hit my problem. When fingering ANY fret on those strings, it sounds as if I have put my finger on the bottom fret and was strumming. It will be in tune when I strum it without fingering a fret but when I do that problem arises.

On the third string it sounded okay till about the 5th fret. The 2nd and 1st just sound dead.

Anyone have any clue as to what the problem could possibly be? Its only the last three.

upon looking at the bride I realized the bottom side was a bit too low, causing the pickups to hit the string.
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You need a setup. You can do it yourself, just search YouTube. Or you can pay for a shop to do it.
It sounds like your bridge is way, way too low, or you somehow have strung your guitar wrong.

Is it a hardtail or a trem bridge? It needs to be raised. What is your action at the 12th fret (that is string height).

Also, as it is hitting the pickups, they might be too high and need a bit of lowering.

have a look here http://www.guitarrepairbench.com/electric-guitar-repairs/electric_guitar_setup.html and follow instructions to set it up, if you don't feel comfortable though, take it to a tech.