Hello everyone!

This is a fun rock instrumental cover of the pop song Wake Me Up by AVICII. This was a blast to record and please let me know what you think of it!

You can download the song for free at reverbnation.com/ryanminorguitar and please subscribe on youtube.com/cados121 if you like what i'm doing here.

If you don't, let me know what you don't like and what I can do to win you over!


Thanks again!

Thats an amazing cover man! I love your tones, the lead is amazing - what gear are you using? Are those seymore duncan sh4 combo?

The acoustic could have been recorded better - the intro seemed a bit muddy. Other than that, there were timing issues here and there, but great track over all - love the interpretation!

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Hey Hitman!

Thanks for watching, I appreciate the compliment! The guitar is a Carvin ST300 with stock Carvin Pickups recorded using Pod Farm 2 and a custom lead patch.

The acoustic in the intro had a hi & lo-pass filter on it to give it a old timey sound and I purposely put it slightly out of tune to throw off the listener . I will work on my timing, there's always something to improve on!

Thanks again!
Hey, the cover sounds cool!
I do not like the original song but I'm pretty sure you did a good job ( really cool Carvin btw)!!
I recorded a cover of Illumination Theory's ending solo by Dream Theater if you wanna check it out

P.s. I just listened to your "The spirit carries on" solo cover and it sounds great dude!
I'm pretty sure I've already listened to it some months ago, I remember that extremely cool Carvin!
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@Ludo - thank you very much! Those pop songs are always fun to play because they're designed to worm their way into your brain haha. I listened to your solo over Illumination theory and the best compliment I can give you is that I can't tell which one is you and which is Petrucci! Killer job. Have you thought about doing videos for your covers? I would be your first subscriber. Thanks for the kind words about the Carvin too! Believe it or not, I didn't order that custom. I found it just like that on eBay for $1000. There are always great Carvins on there for cheap.