Hey guys!
This our new band called Coffin Creep and we play raw old school death metal a lá Bloodbath, Autopsy, Entombed etc etc..
We hail from the deep south in Malmö, Sweden and this is our debut album that we released last week! The YouTube-link contain the 5 song demo in its entirety and if you're interested then give the album a listen and support us if you dig it!

Cheers & beers! Smile



00:00 - 01 - Headless Corpse
04:39 - 02 - Coffin Creep
08:35 - 03 - Ferocious
13:10 - 04 - Splatter Spit
13:49 - 05 - On Frozen Fields (Dismember Cover)

Coffin Creep is:
Steve: Rhythm Guitar & Bass
Knudan: Lead Guitar & Bass
Padde: Drums & Vocals

Drums recorded at Studio Carma in Malmö by Andreas "Rattlund" Lundberg on June 7th 2014! Everything else recorded in our rehearsal room under the influence of whiskey, weed & Black Sabbath on June 28-29 2014!

Mixed, mastered & produced by Steve!

Logo & artwork by:
Åsa Hagström/Septikphoto

Contact: Official Coffin Creep Facebook