I've fallen in love with Stevie Ray Vaughan's Hamiltone. I understand that there were a limited number of the SRV models made by Jim Hamilton, and they were signed by him on the back of the head stock, and come with a certificate of authenticity. I also understand that the price on them was $8000 new way back when. One real one I saw that sold went for $9500..

I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to where to keep an eye out for one of these. I see that there's a guy in Indiana who grabbed the Hamiltone.com domain and is selling "reproductions" on Ebay for about $4,000. I doubt they're anything like the real thing. Even if they were, a collectible is only collectible if it's real.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to look, I'd appreciate hearing them.
Wildwood guitars and Daves Guitar Shop in La Crosse, WI would be a good place to start. Those organizations have pretty good ties to the Fender CS.
Thanks. The Hamiltone was made by Hamiltone, though, and not by Fender. The real models that are exact replicas of SRV's guitar were made by Jim Hamilton of Hamiltone.
You're simply going to have to watch a bunch of places if you don't want what the guy in Indiana is selling. Elderly, Charley's...make a list from the stores advertising in Vintage Guitar and Premiere Guitar magazines.

As for collectibility, the new Hamilton replicas may not be as collectible as the original replicas, but that doesn't mean they won't be just as good and thus somewhat collectible in their own right- look at the market for lithographs, serigraphy and posters of famous art, after all. However, it is probably too early to tell.

And honestly, if I were serious about getting into collecting guitars as an investment, I wouldn't bother with any kind of replica at all.
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Thanks, dannyalcatraz. I don't expect them to appreciate. They may even go down in value. They're sure beautiful, though.

I don't want to buy one of the less expensive ones because I don't know where they're made, who makes them, or how good they are. If they're different, then it defeats the purpose of buying a Jim Hamilton one. The company also makes me a little suspicious, as they grabbed the Hamiltone domain, and have certificates of authenticity that look like the originals. I emailed them and asked if they had any for sale, and got a reply right away saying they had two for $3995. I replied asking if they were signed by Jim Hamilton and got no reply.

Fenders custom shop limited edition run of Lenny models did well. They sold initially at $17,000 and are now north of $50,000. It probably didn't help the Hamiltones that Jim Hamilton made a run of 100 autographed (by him) models, then made several hundred more that were numbered but not signed.

The first hurdle is figuring out what to sell in order to buy one, and then the second is finding one to buy.
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