So I have this Ibanez artist and I'm trying to figure out why it fits me so well as far as comfort playing. After hours of playing my hand and arm feel very little fatigue.

However I have owned strats and Telecasters (American and Mexican) and just after 15-20 minutes of playing my hand cramps up.

I'm thinking it's the neck size... ie: wide thin, fat thin, C... Etc

I can't visually tell the difference but I can feel it and I want to buy another guitar with the same dimensions as this Ibanez artist.
I'm just not sure what the neck size is and I'm not even sure what the neck sizes of the Fender guitars were.
I did play a PRS SE custom 24 that felt similar to the Ibanez but I didn't buy it because I was not sure.

Can you help me figure out the model of this Ibanez and possibly the neck size?

A better and easier solution is just to play whatever guitar you fancy at the local shoppe and if it feels right, go with it

Fender Modern C neck master race reporting in
I find that Ibanez guitars (excluding the jazzers) have a very flat, but wide neck, whereas Fenders have more rounded necks, so you probably end up stretching your fingers more with the Ibanez. Personally, the flat necks are not really for me, but i can see why it would have it's advantages.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.