Hey guys,

Been looking around lately to get a second bass. I currently own a Squier VM P-Bass, and was looking to get a jazz bass. I went to the guitarshop yesterday, and saw this Squier Tele Bass, I played it, and really liked it. But it isn't a jazz bass, which I was actually looking for. I've also tried a few Jazz basses, but I liked the tele bass the most still. The only thing that is holding me back from buying is that I'm thinking it might just sound the same as my P-bass, and that I'm wasting my money...

Could you guys take a look and advise me on whether I should get the Telebass or a Jazz bass. I'd like to know in what points this tele bass differs from a P-bass and in what points it differs from a Jazz bass. I was a little too shy to ask it in the store..

Hopefully you guys will be able to help me out!
If there's any bad grammar in here, im not a native english speaker, my excuses!

Here some links to the products I was talking about:

The telebass im thinking of buying
The P-bass I currently own

Thanks in advance!

Your precision bass is 34" scale and has a single split (hum cancelling) pickup in the sweet spot.

A normal jazz bass is 34" scale and has a single coil in the sweet spot and the bridge position.

The tele bass is medium scale (32") has a single coil at the bridge but has a wide range humbucker in the neck.

Essentially, the tele bass is going to sound and feel completely different to a standard jazz style bass. The shorter scale means looser strings, making the tone warmer and playing less tiring (not necessarily easier though); the bridge pickup will sound pretty much the same but the neck pickup will be much bassier, possibly muddier, with very high output. If you want to hear what that humbucker will most likely sound like, look up some songs by Cream.

If you want a recommendation, then I'd say go for the tele bass just for the variety and then save up for a high quality jazz later in your playing career.