Hi folks!

Just a little question,
For one of my projects I want to stain a guitar body.
I've bought a 2nd hand tele body and sanded it down to the filler.
So before I apply the stain do I have to remove the filler?

I try to achieve this Francis Rossi look

Pic was too large

I do have a certain degree of knowledge about spray painting guitars but
staining guitar is a first for me.

Thanks in advance.
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I have been messing around with staining an old Behringer strat body, even though it is plywood. I stained over any wood filler and it seemed to blend in well. I am currently sealing it with Formbeys tung oil. It looks pretty decent, kind of reminds me of a skateboard deck in profile. I'm sure it's a love it or hate it thing.
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