“Brand New Shoes”

I put on my brand new shoes and drove to the Newton Skatepark
Newton’s designated area for skateboarding
Once I got there I put on my headphones on and then I stepped onto my skateboard
Or so I thought

I looked down and I saw a skateboard underneath my feet
But I couldn’t feel a damn thing
I couldn’t feel my skateboard
Was I or was I not standing on a skateboard?
I couldn’t tell

During the next hour or so I attempted to skateboard
My left foot pushed frequently off the ground in between the skateboard maneuverers
It looked like I was skateboarding
I saw my skateboard move into the positions that I directed it to
I saw my feet move and step on my skateboard in many different ways

It sounded like I was skateboarding
I heard my skateboard bearings roll
I heard my metal trucks scrape the metal coping
But was I skateboarding?

I asked myself
“Am I dreaming?”
A year or so ago I placed my spare skateboards underneath my bed with hopes that it would result in more dreams of skateboarding

But I then realized I wasn’t dreaming
Even though I rarely dream about skateboarding I always dream of doing stalefishes (tucked knee of course) and Madonnas
And during this past hour my left knee had not touched my board and not once has my right foot left my skateboard while my left foot sat on the tail of my board
So I can’t be dreaming

Then I thought if I was skateboarding I would be listening to the Get Up Kids
I always listen to the Get Up Kids while I skateboard
So I stopped thinking and heard a voice sing “I’m not fully convinced that there’s something wrong with this. Could another point of view, biased and untrue, tear me away from you?”
“That’s Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids maybe I am skateboarding” I thought.
But that still didn’t convince me one hundred percent
I also listen to the Get Up Kids when I’m not skateboarding

I still haven’t left the skatepark
And even now as I keep skateboarding I still wonder if I am really skateboarding
I just don’t feel it

Man my knee hurts
Why does my right knee hurt?
This only happens during two occasions
One is when I am jogging
And the other is when I’m skateboarding
I can’t be jogging because when I job I always hear Mark sing
“And I’ll take what you’re willing to give and I’ll teach myself to live”
So maybe I am skateboarding
But why can’t I feel it?
Why doesn’t this feel like I’m skateboarding?
This just doesn’t feel like skateboa****WHATTHEHELL!
God that hurt
Wait a minute
I must be skateboarding
Only in skateboarding can a person go from a standing position to laying horizontal on the ground so god damn fast
Damn pebble
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.
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