Hello everyone . Can someone suggest me a cheap mfx pedal , that has a Control in option ? I will build a midi controller by myself to control the presets and effects . Anything under 100$ ?
Used Pod XT or X3 "bean" should do.

But why build a Midi controller? The inexpensive foot boards available for these are already done and work over an ethernet cable (no AC in, since they're powered from the Pod, no extensive programming) and are pretty cheap used. And they'll pass MIDI commands as well, if you've got other gear that needs MIDI signalling. Go to the Line 6 site and pull up the various manuals for the Pods.

With the existing firmware, you can program in user presets that include amp models, cabinet models and FX chains (including the settings on the individual FX), all available (via a channel and bank system) at a single stomp. You can also set things up to start and stop external MIDI devices, such as a keyboard-sourced drum or bass pattern.
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Build a midi controller that has a USB host port and an expression pedal jack. Then you can control the Zoom G3/G5, and people will be wanting you to build them one as well.