Hi, I'm completely new to guitar and have only been playing a few days but when i try and play often my index finger twists and turns anti clockwise, to try and counter this i am trying with 'propper technique' with my elbow out and fingertips perpendicular to the fretboard but get pain in my left wrist very quickly.

I broke my wrist when I was younger and experience pain and aches when doing other activities to, so my question is if the pain/acheing persists should i attempt to play like a lefty and flip my guitar over (and restring it) so that i can fret with my right have and strum with my left?
You are likely pressing your fingers too hard, when you play tensely, it will hurt when you play and will inevitably cause injury. When you're practicing, focus on playing relaxed and catching yourself when you tense up. Also it is imperative to warm up before playing. Playing guitar cold will also contribute to injury. Before playing, gently massage your hand and fingers to get the blood flowing. After that, give your fingers a stretch by pulling them back and holding them for a few seconds. They're all kinds of warm up exercises you can find on the internet. If your wrist and fingers are relaxed and warmed up, it will make things so much better. I would also get your doctor's opinion about your wrist. The lefty flip thing, in my opinion, is unnecessary and difficult. Good luck to you my friend and welcome to the wonderful world of guitar!
I had the same problem for months when I started playing electric. Over time I started playing lighter and developed strength and the problem is now longer exists.

The fact that your wrist hurts doing other activities is worrying though, hopefully your tendons and stuff didn't get all messed up. I would suggest talking to a doctor or getting a x-ray, you might be all screwed up or you may just need some physical therapy. Not necessarily affordable, but not something you want to live with either.