Overall that was excellent. Production and playing were all top notch.

I felt that the non-solo sections were a bit too repetitive. What I mean is that you layed out a part and then repeated it and it seemed like those sections could either do with one less repeat or put some variation in articulation or slight note changes to differentiate the repeat to keep the listener interested. I feel if you tightened up all those sections the song would benefit greatly.

Great rhythm section as well. Loved it.

Would love to get your thoughts on my song:
Damn, this sounds pretty sick. I love all the tapping parts especially the first one that is introduced. I wish the rythmn guitar ttrack was a bit louder as it could rlly make the track more driving. If you really wanted to focus on the driving beat, making the backing track a little louder would help tremendously. They are some slower melodic sections but perhaps too many that it makes the song feel like driving? Regardless, this is an ambitious and crazy song you've written here. Definetly earned yourself a like. Great job dude! I also loved your song, The Awakening. More of the same awesome soloing. Keep it up!

C4C please?
I felt your intro was very interesting.
For a song that's mainly focused on the guitar solo I found it too repetitive. You don't need to write completely different stuff at each second, but only changing one note here and another there can keep the listener more interested in the song.
That break at 3:30 was really nice, but I felt the guitar tone after it, when you played a little bit of the following rhythm, needed to be heavier.

You could tighten up your tapping, a few notes in it just don't come clear. I guess it can be forgiven since it's hard to play like that and you did everything in one take, but your song would improve a lot with these parts tighten up.

In a few moments I can hear a lot of pick noise, you know, kind of a clicking when you pick. You should see if you can get these out a little bit, check your guitar tone, try some EQ.

You could use a fade out to end the song. You have a beautiful melodic part there, ending it abruptly didn't sounded right to me.

It's a really nice song overhaul, but I think it could be even better with a few tweaks.

Your Greatest Creation (Metal, WIP, C4C)