Hi all.

I am looking to get together a good repertoire of about 6 songs that are great for bass guitar. I am lost in the electric guitar world, are can I have any recommendations of advanced rock fusion and contemporary jazz songs that have impressive bass guitar parts?

You might want to check out the following bass players:

Jaco Pastorious, Adam Nitti, David Hines, Alain Caron, Brian Bromberg, Gary Willis, Gerald Veasley, Yves Carbone, John Patitucci.

If i recall, they have all been doing recordings on both contemporary jazz aswell as fusion stuff. They are defiantly worth a listen.
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thanks guys, any more help is appreciated. I type YT for bass guitar advanced jazz in the search bar and hope for the best. My fav jazz performance is still stella by star light barney Kessel but its pretty dated now. Im looking for really contemporary stuff like Kenny G and Paul hardcastle, obviously with an emphasis on bass guitar.
just get a fake book and vamp up some standards with solo bass

unless you're talking about busking with a group and wanting music to show off with, you weren't clear at all about what you're doing with this

but the bass is a really versatile tool. throw a little snare+bass+hi-hat kit in the back and a miscellaneous horn or wind and you can get away with most standards with a little elbow grease and creativity
It may be somewhat more difficult on a bass, (although I had a friend who was a MONSTER at chord-melody bass)

But bystanders (read: non-musicians) will respond better to jazz standards, especially vocal tunes. Think Sinatra, Ella, Armstong, etc.

Not to say fusion doesn't kick ass. It does. But so does playing to a crowd; amass a repertoire of standards, know the bass like the back of your hand, and you can do no wrong.
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