I'm having a hard time with figuring out strum patterns. I seem to never be able to do so. I can hear it but I can't play it... Do you guys have any tips on figuring out the strumming patterns?
*I'm trying to learn Luke Bryan's Play it Again and it just never sounds right...
I just go with whatever sounds right to me, and whatever feels natural. And then I go back to some live performances on youtube to see if I was close to the way the artist did it. haha
For Play It Again, I'd just do a simple D,D,D,DU to the beat of 1,2,3,4+ and sometimes at the end of the verses just a DUDUDUDU. Add some palm mutes during the verses on the down strums to add some variation. I'm sorry if it's blasphemy to some people to play it any way other than what the original artist plays it as, but I just go with what works.
Oh wait, I found a live version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GufBuYaXVxc
Looks like I was pretty close Good luck!
Thank you! I actually don't mind playing it a little differently... I tried like you said, just what feels natural. I just went with a DDUUDU and I do DD for some parts of the chorus and for the ''Play it again'' I just go with DUD and mute. It doesn't sound that much alike but if I sing you can see some resemblance I find! Though I am an horrible singer.. haha

Edit: I ended up changing for DDUUD and I just do one Down every time he says ''Play it Again'', I find it sounds a little bit more country then before... It kind of sounded like a rock song at first, I find.
I'm still working on it, though. I don't want to give up.
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