Hello all.

My father in law passed away and I inherited this FENDER Telecaster Classic Series '69 Thinline. I don't know anything about it (specs, value, etc) Anything at all anyone could help me with would be great.

This almost looks like the same thing. The headstock decals are different but both made in USA 69 thinlines.


If that new price of $1,350 is normal then a used price would probably be in the $750-$1,000 range depending on condition/case/original paperwork etc....
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that is an amazing telecaster.

i can tell you that the bridge saddles were most likely upgraded with grph tech ones. i dont think fender ever uses synthetic bridge saddles, if those are not metl i mean.
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Looks like a nice reissue and not an original 69. The serial # will give you the mfg date and perhaps more detail about the guitar. It didn't get played much.
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Same guitar as you'll find here:

They sell used for $850-$950 regularly.

In the guitar community, there's a large amount of people who desire older guitars, just like muscle cars for car collectors. Companies like Fender will take old models and release them, calling them Reissue guitars. The idea is that they are exactly like the original 1969 guitars, but made within the last couple years. Very good telecaster, very desirable to many players.

My advice: Learn to play it. Buy a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Vox AC15C1.

If you post the serial number, I can tell you what year it was made.