Hello guys,

So I made this cover video and I would love if you checked it out! Especially if you gave constructive criticism, so I can improve any future covers.

As for my next cover, the video and audio quality will be enhanced, I am sorry for the poor quality in the current video.


Best regards
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It's a little bit sloppy in some parts, you should practice some more before recording. The backing track getting louder and lower is also quite annoying.

Man, seeing you not using your pinkie is getting on my nerves. hehe, just kidding.

It's a good cover overhaul, but it can improve a lot.
It was pretty good but could use some more work and practice. Certain parts would sound fine the first time but sloppy the next time it came up.

I'm not really going to comment on the audio quality since you said it's something you're going to improve anyway.

You should really be using your little finger as well. Whether or not the song is difficult, it would be even easier if you get used to using it...and I won't have to watch the thing wiggling around like a limp fish xD
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Whoa guys, I am impressed. You found my weakness, the little finger. I have been working on it, but it seems as if there is a long way to go with that finger.

The sloppiness is actually not due to lack of practice, more like lack of preparation. I thought about recording it last night, so I told myself to do it first thing in the morning. There was a lack of warmup, and I only played it through once before recording. I understand this has affected the cover and next time, a proper warmup will be made!

Thanks for the feedback, it will help a lot!
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