There's a 1984 Gibson on Display at the Smithsonian. I got to see this yesterday.

Initially I misread the placard and though it was a 1952, with this excitement, I create a blog about it:

Gibson Electric Guitar on Display at the Smithsonian

If I noticed that it was 1984, I wouldn't have blogged about it... but I do think it's great that they are sharing the story of the Les Paul and do have one on display.

-- Robert
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Hey guess what section of the forums this is? Not the one where guitar talk is relevant.

just about everything is relevant here

if chucklesmcginty can post a new thread about something i cant make sense of that just turns into a chat thread every other day then this dude can share his experience of seeing an old guitar in a museum

OT: TS, if you liked that, you should go to the EMP museum in Seattle someday. I'm going there in a few months to see the guitar that hendrix lit on fire, or what's left of it. Plenty of other rad music related things are there too
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He has an entire exhibit in wisconsin where he was from

And a section of highway. The Les Paul Parkway. It goes past a mattress store.
I like the other items more.

'Atlantic cable souvenir' - 'first submarine cable connecting Europe to North America... Pieces of leftover cable were sold as souvenirs for 50 cents. The cable itself failed within a few days.'

Now, that is exciting.
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It's a Les Paul Studio...

Not exactly a riveting piece of gear, if I do say so myself.
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This is such a non-event it definitely didn't need a thread… which conveniently has a link to your blog in the first post. This is not a place where we let users post just to advertise their business/blog etc.

If your intentions were genuine, well this is not really anything special - the guitar there isn't anything special or revered and plenty of people have played rarer and more expensive guitars here.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.