New guy here. Been looking for a good guitar focused recording community to dive in to. Here's a song I've been working that I'd love some thoughts on...


Will definitely return the favor so C4C whatever you've got.
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I like this a lot man! Very happy sounding chord progressions. The tone you use for chords sounds very crisp and clear. The solo tone is very mellow, yet good for a solo tone. I especially like the way you've programmed drums in this. Everything is accented nicely. Mix overall sounds very clear. I can hear every single instrument nicely.
The guitar solo's are not generic at all, even though the chord progression is.

Keep it up dude! sounds lush!

First of, I want to apologise for not answering you back straight away, but I have been really busy recently.
As far as the song is concerned, I find nothing I can comment upon as your track is basically good. By saying good I do not mean average, but I mean lovely!
You have a nice taste as far as the choice of the chords is concerned. Your backing track is really 'groovy' and 'happy'.
All the solos that you are playing fit in the groove perfectly and create a nice 'summery' feel. In addition to that, I want to say that the tone of the lead guitar is perfect it sounds really natural and clean.

All in all, it is a wonderful track from a wonderful musician. I dare for more!


Wow really impressed! Great sounding mix and guitars spaced really well.

Overall very good song, would definitely listen to more of your stuff.
You commented, on my video and as i was looking through other posts , i found yours and wow dude this is great, its fun, light, groovy , great track :P
keep it up , look forward to hearing more from you

edit: cant stop listening :P i dont think i can express to you how much i like this song :P
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