Hi! I have been playing the guitar for a couple of months now and i would really like to buy my self my own guitar. I own an acoustic one, so i would like to get myself an electric one. My price range is tops 300€. I have basically mastered the chord progressions and am now learning more finger/pick work. My preferations when it comes to the sound is to fit into a lot of different styles: classic rock, grunge, hard rock, jazz... I prefer Fender over other brands, so i've been looking at these new squier VM which were supposed to be really great for the price, so out of these i'd love a Jaguar, Mustang, Jagmaster or a Jazzmaster, but i'm not sure which one's the most versatile, easy to play, and comfortable in your hands. I have also discovered this Lindo Matte Black Dark Defender, which also seems kind of nice. What do you think?
The best bet is to play as many of these guitars as you can and tell for yourself which is easiest to play and most comfortable, everyone is different about it. Some people prefer thicker necks, others prefer thin necks etc. it's all up the individual. As a side note, I have a Lindo guitar from a few years ago and the quality is pretty poor, they may have upped their game though, I don't know. As I said, play as many guitars as you can and you'll find the best one for you.
Yeah, Squier VM and CV series get a lot of praise. Just go and try some guitars. But how can you tell you like Fender as a brand if you haven't tried any guitars yet? If you have watched videos and like the way Fender style guitars sound like, it's of course understandable. But don't rule out other brands. It's good to try everything in your price range and pick the one that sounds/feels the best.
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You're on the right track, I don't think you can go too wrong with any of them. I was actually going to recommend a Vintage Modified Telecaster before I finished reading your post.

Out of the ones you listed, I would go for the Jagmaster. Something with humbuckers will get you closer to the tones you want, I think.

The Telecaster Custom has a single coil in the bridge and a humbucker in the neck, so it could potentially get you a wider range of tones.
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