Hehe, "Click here for watching" :P

Anyways, your style is really chill and interesting. I had to restart it after 40 seconds in to understand what you were doing musically. It's extremely technical and the songwriting is incredible on this one. The harmonics you add in on that descending line are very pretty and I hope that special someone appreciates the sh*t out of this piece cuz you definetly deserve it. The main riff or verse if you will is familiar and makes you happy upon hearing it. In songwriting and playing skills, you have just breached the level of conscious talent to uncouscious talent- this difficult piece youve written comes naturally to you and it shows. You've earned yourself a subscriber and a fan. Keep at it!!!

C4C please?

Subscribe to this guy if you like amazing music, seriously. Your a pro man. Completely sold me on your acoustic cover of Man in the Box! Amazing vocals!!!
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wow, top notch playing and recording! really great stuff, you sound excellent. the main theme you came up with is great. your whole piece has such a lighthearted and fun feel to it. I love the little step down in the section after the theme (like around 0:22). some very pretty chords in this piece. I like that you strum a chord near the bridge (1:13) to get a different tone out of the guitar, ponticello I think it's called? anywho, terrific job!
Very impressive; your right hand stays so active it's borderline-percussive. The part just after the three minute mark was my favorite section. The melody at 3:45 is also awesome.

I really have no complaints; it's a very interesting and well thought out track.

C4C? Links are in my sig.