I desperately need a better amp and am looking at getting a Vypyr Tube 60 for 250-ish. Seems like the rough going price based on my few minutes of looking. (I live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.)

Since it'll be a little while before I have that amount of cash, figured I mies well spend the waiting productively.

What concerns are there with used amps? What should I look for pre-purchase? And on a slightly unrelated note- does Guitar Center ship used products?
guitar center does ship used products. and they have a 30 day return policy. which is awesome.
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Quote by JakeFrmStatFarm
What concerns are there with used amps? What should I look for pre-purchase? And on a slightly unrelated note- does Guitar Center ship used products?

used amps could be cosmetically damaged or have functionality problems. i always recommend playing used equipment before you buy so you can make sure it is functional (loud enough, no excess noise like popping, all the knobs work, etc)

buying new does allow you to return the product, that is one benefit. if something goes wrong you at least have someone to go to.

i have had some store ship me used equipment before, i wanna say it was a guitar center. they found a discontinued product i was looking for used in another store and shipped it to me.
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I'm sure Milwaukee has a healthy Craigslist market, have you checked that out? I buy/sell/trade gear all the time, usually with people who are doing the same thing. Its like baseball cards. I always try before I buy and have never had any problems. Most people aren't out to screw you, they just need money for a new delay pedal or something.

Guitar Center Used does have some killer deals.
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When buying used always run the amp at full power for a while to make sure the amp and speakers are still healthy. A blown speaker or fried output section will steeply lower the value. You should be able to turn it up and wail for several minutes without bad things happening.

I recently bought a powered speaker off CL and though we tested it, he kept the volume really low due to being in an apt. I trusted the guy and brought it home to test alongside my other powered speakers. When I turned it up it was obviously not healthy and started to sputter right away. I called him and explained what happened and he was gracious, took it back, and returned my money. There is honor between musicians sometimes.
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Guitar Center's return policy applies to items that arrive damaged as well, so no worries there. I ordered a used Peavey XXX last year and when it showed up broken they gave me a full refund on the amp and shipping, and a killer deal on a brand new 6505+ 112 :-D
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common sense. try before you buy. when I got my Peavey Ultra it was used from GC. went in to try it and got no sound hmm..wtf. turns out it had an issue. they sent it in (to what turned out to be the best amp tech in town) for repairs,amp came back all working and checked out (great for me sucked for them).

check it out as much as you can and of course use your ears. run all dials from 0-10 (volume you might not be able to but crank it as much as they'll let you) listen for crackles or other noise.
If you buy a tube amp be prepared to replace all the tubes as you have no idea what they've been through. The tubes may last a while or 2 days so just consider that.

If the seller will let you pull the cover and look at the tubes while the amp is on. Scorched or blue is bad and can lower your price.
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Warning: A used tube amp could blow up in your face, resulting in chronic and acute death.

What you need is a new amp. Solid state.
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Buying used from GC is a sure bet with their return policy and they frequently have killer prices. Amps can sometimes exhibit problems after they warm up that they don't have when first turned on.
If you buy used from a GC not in your area have the item shipped to your local store for pickup and you won't have to pay ANY shipping charges!
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