I'd like to cover many tonal bases and i'll be using a 2010 USA strat sss.


Needs to be usuable at home and max volume needed is for a small pub gig 30 people or so.

I'm leaning toward the fender supersonic 22 head at the moment. Any thoughts?
Marshall DSL will get you where you need to be, at least for the most part.

Can pick em up for less than £350 used an all
I don't know much about the dsl range. Is the dsl15h enough as there are some good deals on those at the moment, I'd guess i'm looking at the 40 otherwise. I didn't even think to look at marshall for some reason.
Nah man, look for a used JCM 2000 DSL on eBay or Gumtree. Miles cheaper than those new ones. They come in either 50w or 100w. Made in Engalnd too if that means anything to you. Theyre easy to come by in near mint condition. I paid £325 for the 50w and it came with a flight case. The guy even dropped it off at my house

Great cleans, as much gain on tap as youll ever need, decent footswitchable reverb, takes pedals well, f/x loop, louder than an atom bomb, really versatile
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