I have so far made this body of my strat im making, i have two emg humbucker pickups but i am unsure of where to place the pickups, the neck pickup i am pretty sure is butted up to the neck but the bridge i do not know how far down the body it should go, thanks
You need to figure out where the bridge is going before you worry about the pickups.
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Right ok thanks and for bridge placement i need to have my neck, right? sorry im new to this.
Also, use the outer saddles and a string line from the outer nut slots to find the correct pickup location. I've been caught with this. - If you use the line of the neck edges to locate the pickups, they may end up off-centre to the line of the strings. So, as you say, get the neck properly seated and the bridge (temporarily) installed before worrying about the pickup location.

Addendum. - I would do the neck pocket before the bridge, and then use the line from the edges of the neck to locate the bridge.
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Thanks, ive come to a stand still with the neck, was expecting to do some more work on the body before the neck came into play, anyone know where i can buy an unfinnished neck because id like to finnish the head myself