That was really nice and smooth. I love it when a song finds its place and doesn't try to be something else just because you want to play a ripping guitar solo.

Good job.
Thanks :0 appreciate it, like and sub if u want to hear more, will be doing more in the future
Love when that beat comes in. The claps sound really good. Was this made in Logic pro? I'm interested to find out I recognize some tones and perhaps samples. Def recognized a few gntle risers. The solo is chill but I feel at times its a bit overpowering. Loving the jazzy tone/feel to it though. The synths sound pretty good, and I love the risers again, perhaps you should add some fallers as well for introducing each section to make it a bit heavier. There was one ripping part of that solo that was pretty sick tho. Props man, this sounds good.

C4C please?
Thanks, unfortunately the beat was written and produced bt zorro Beatz, link in video :P
That's very soothing, like a soft Satch or Eric Johnson tune. Really strong melody, and to me that's all that matters. Not a big deal that the beat (backing music?) isn't yours, you made it something all its own. Unless it was made for you to use? Either way, I like that. I'll be coming back to that one for sure.

First of all, I want to apologise for not answering you back straight away, but I have been really busy this week.
As far as the track is concerned, I want to say one thing: wow! The song is really soothing (Satch/Eric Johnson/Neil Zaza style) track. You have a great gift for composing some nice melodies and really catchy phrases which make the song really attractive and memorable.
The tone that you used in this track fits in the backing track perfectly and creates a nice/calm/soothing atmosphere which draws the attention of the potential listener.

All in all, a wonderful track! Keep up the good work.


The one thing I liked the most is that I felt the guitar playing had a voice to it and wasn't just a set of punched out notes or rhythmically followed patterns.

Coming on this end as a listener, the high synths were a little high for me (piercing), might want to take the edge down. However, I have a sensitive hearing so it might be just me, but it sort of hurt when I cranked up the volume.

In all, I liked it.
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A few days it took me to respond due to being busy. In general, I don't like electronic sounds much - yours are done well enough. The music sounds like a mix of Ragnarok and Cabal online soundtracks, both of which I enjoy.

The fast guitar rise sounds sloppy, otherwise a warm melody. All the parts are written well - personally I'd mix them a bit differently. Guitar tone is good and recorded well. Unfortunately, I have little more to tell you. For reference,

ragnarok online music,

cabal online music,
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Not my style (as you guessed) but as far as I can tell the basic track is very well composed and arranged - a really nice and atmospheric song. As for the guitar track, the tone sounds right for this type of song and the melody is nice. The timing is not always 100% and I would skip the fast parts. Best feel around 1.30-1.40 I think. Harmonies towards the end is a good idea, but it would be cool if the guitars played (in harmony) corresponding parts!
All in all, a good song - keep working on it! Cheers for critiquing my latest song!
Nice melodic instrumental rock tune with a kind of electronic, synthy, video game feel. That was cool man. Really chilled and uplifting.
Sexy lead tone; fits perfectly.

I like the addition of synths around 0:40.

The openness around 1:15 is great. I'd try turning down or compressing the lead a little for this section, it's a bit loud compared to everything else.

The section starting around 2:35 is beautiful.

I really liked this.