I have been learning on an old MIJ squire bullet and plan on getting a new axe soon. For some reason I have always loved a strat from the beginning. I have done a little research and decided that a MIM used would be the best to get. I understand that Strats are easily and often modded. What should my concerns be when buying one? How much should I expect to pay? Are pickups a huge deal? I know that people usually replace those but I'm not sure which ones to get or how much I can pay for those. I want a setup that gives me a wide range of tones as this will be main guitar. Also I love blues and rock and love Hendrix , SRV, And Clapton who all play Strats.
A stock mim strat can go for as low as $200, $250 is about the norm. They don't hold value well simply because there are so many.

I'm not a fan of stock mim fender pups but there's lot's of interesting replacements out there.

Make sure you try before you buy if possible. Imo, "feel" is the most important thing when guitar shopping, you can upgrade anything else.

You seem to be on the right track though, good luck!

Ps. Make sure you try one with a nice maple neck, thats a big dealmaker for a lot of people. A nice soft, buttery maple fretboard.
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I'm not sure about specific models, but at least some of those older MIJ squiers are quite sought-after. The bullet is normally the cheaper one, so don't get too excited, but it might not be any worse guitar than an MIM.
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Make sure you try before you buy if possible. Imo, "feel" is the most important thing when guitar shopping, you can upgrade anything else.

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