I've been contributing to UG pretty heavily over the past month or so, and I just noticed the ranking system from Level I to Level IV or whatever it is. I finally decided to look in on how that whole system works, and to get from Level III to Level IV, you have to "Have 10 approved tabs with high quality". What does that mean? What defines high quality, because most of my tabs have been rated 5?
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Basically, despite what it says, the number of tabs doesn't matter as much as maintaining a high average tab rating among all your tabs. I don't know what the average is, but I think it's at least 4.5 and up. I don't think going from level 3 to 4 is an automated process either.
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No, there's level V.
As Joshua says there's also Tab Moderator and you'd think that would be higher, but it is possible to be a Tab Moderator without being a level V.